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The Plank Center Leadership Summit
NOVEMBER 1, 2012
“The Cross-Cultural Study of Leadership in Public Relations and Communications Management,” sponsored by The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at the University of Alabama, Heyman Associates and IBM Corporation

Heyman Associates co-sponsored with The Plank Center for Leadership in Public Relations at the University of Alabama and IBM Corporation, “The Cross-Cultural Study of Leadership in Public Relations and Communications Management,” the largest and most global study of public relations leadership.  

The study's leader, Dr. Bruce Berger, professor at the University of Alabama, recently received Institute for Public Relations' Pathfinder Award for career contributions to scholarly public relations research.

With participation from nearly 4,500 global PR leaders from 23 nations, the study identified digital networks and widely available real-time information as the profession’s main change agents.  The responses revealed the four most important factors to deal with the new landscape: information volume and velocity, social media, measurement improvement and fast-moving crises. 

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A Study of Excellence in Public Relations Leadership
APRIL 2008
Sponsored by Heyman Associates, Inc. and produced by Graduate Students in the Advertising & Public Relations Department, University of Alabama
To better understand what excellent leadership means in public relations, Heyman Associates of New York, in partnership with public relations professors and graduate students at the University of Alabama, launched two significant research projects in February 2008. The first study was a national survey of 222 experienced PR professionals to gather their perceptions about the most important dimensions and qualities of excellent leadership in public relations. The second study used in-depth interviews with 20 emerging leaders in the field to capture their stories about leadership development, values and experiences. 

Focus on Diversity: Lowering the Barriers, Raising the Bar
PR Coalition 2005 Summit
Knowing where to look and knowing how to recruit and retain a diverse workforce are among the most critical steps in improving diversity. Diversity training, mentoring and organizational changes are also essential elements. And perhaps most important, those in leadership positions must become advocates for diversity. It is the intent of this white paper to provide guidance, counsel and actionable ideas that the PR profession can use to step up their efforts on diversity while also setting an example that others can follow.

A Research Report: 10 Patterns of Success in Public Relations
By William C. Heyman
Why is one public relations executive more successful than another? Why do some PR careers derail while others take off and soar? What factors contribute most to success in public relations – contacts, communication skills, experience or those elusive intangibles? These are important questions in our business, and thus we conducted research this spring to try to find some answers. 

Executive Search Commentary: "Jobs and Geography - They Don't Always Go Together"
By Bill Heyman
South Florida. The weather is generally great. The lifestyle is good. Major League sports teams abound. Golf and tennis clubs are numerous. Major amusement parks are only a few hours’ drive away. But, if you are well-suited to work in corporate communications at a major pharmaceutical company’s headquarters, you will have to trade geography or industry.

Executive Search Commentary: The Resume
By Lisa Ryan
Skilled communicators know one message doesn’t always fit all audiences. They also know successfully pitching a story, or designing a marketing campaign, requires taking into account a variety of factors and developing a message that sells the product or brand. But when it comes to a job search, those well-known basics often are forgotten.