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Varied industry and global experience in communications
Nehl Horton, Senior Vice President, Chief Communications & Government Relations Officer at Sysco, discusses the importance of gaining varied and international experience as you grow your communications career.

Heyman Associates is 25!
Celebrating Heyman Associates' 25th anniversary and Thanksgiving.

Standards for PR research and measurement
Frank Ovaitt, President & CEO of the Institute for Public Relations, discusses the importance of public relations standards for research and measurement with the Annual Distinguished Lecture & Awards Dinner coming up on November 13, 2014.

The integration of communications and government relations
Michael Schoenfeld, Vice President for Public Affairs and Government Relations at Duke University, discusses how communications and government relations have become increasingly integrated.

Maximizing earned media
MAY 2014
Jennifer Risi, Managing Director, Media Influence; Head of Media Relations, North America at Ogilvy Public Relations, explains how to maximize earned media to drive business in the age of content.

Defining the brand through employee engagement
MARCH 2014
Jeep Bryant, Executive Vice President for Marketing & Corporate Affairs at BNY Mellon, discusses how to create an employee-defined brand for the most effective employee ambassadorship of an organization.

Managing change
Vin Petrini, Senior Vice President at Yale-New Haven Health Systems discusses how to develop innovative strategies to engage constituents and maintain relationships in the cluttered and continuously evolving communications industry.

Communicating in a crisis
Jeep Bryant, Executive Vice President for Marketing & Corporate Affairs at BNY Mellon, discusses how the company handled crisis communications during Superstorm Sandy to continue to provide excellent customer service.

Intentional storytelling
Tucker Eskew, Partner at Vianovo, discusses how communications professionals can use the technique of intentional storytelling to connect with audiences.

Redefining PR with social media 
Amy Binder, Chief Executive Office of RF Binder, talks about the challenge and opportunity social media presents for PR professionals to engage directly with stakeholders.

Connective branding
JULY 2013
Michael Watras, President and CEO of Straightline, discusses how to connect the brand to various stakeholders in today's environment of constant information.

PR candidate top traits
JUNE 2013
Ron Culp, Principal at Culp & Co., sheds light on the four qualities necessary to stand out in the PR profession.

Top five questions to ask an executive search firm
JUNE 2013
As you consider your company's upcoming communications staffing needs, Heyman Associates has developed a list of five questions you should ask an executive search firm for the best possible hiring outcome and customer service. 


The seat at the table
JUNE 2013
Jen Prosek, Managing Partner of Prosek Partners, talks about how communications can get a seat at the table and how it must deal with the challenge and opportunity that comes with it.

First 100 days on the job - part 2 (Details)
APRIL 2013
Mike Fernandez, Corporate Vice President at Cargill, provides details about how to learn the corporate culture at the start of a new position to be able to add value quickly.

First 100 days on the job - part 1 (Overview)
MARCH 2013
Mike Fernandez, Corporate Vice President at Cargill, discusses the strategic importance of gaining a corporate cultural perspective in a new role to ensure success.

Change as status quo
MARCH 2013
Gary Grates, Principal, Corporate and Strategy at W20 Group, discusses how communications must strategically deal with today's constant change in line with a company's business goals.

Earning reputation
Tom Buckmaster, Vice President, Corporate Communications and President, Hometown Solutions at Honeywell International, talks about how a company should earn, rather than manage, reputation.

Relevant communications
Kimberley Goode, Vice President at Northwestern Mutual, discusses how communications professionals can stay relevant.

Protecting the budget
Bill Hughes, Chief Communications Officer at Pitney Bowes (formerly Chief Communications Officer at CA Technologies), discusses the responsibility of communications to protect the budget.

Your brand from the outside in
Steve Cody, Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Peppercomm, discusses the importance of experiencing your brand from an outside perspective.

West Coast tech resurgence - update
Jessamyn Katz, Vice President at Heyman Associates, follows up on the West Coast trends within the technology sector.


West Coast tech resurgence
Jessamyn Katz, Vice President at Heyman Associates, discusses the recent West Coast tech resurgence and the talent pool in the area.

Who owns social media?
Bill Heyman, President & CEO of Heyman Associates, discusses with Bob Feldman, Partner and Co-founder of PulsePoint Group, the notion of who “owns” social media.

Skills for success in pharma
Lisa Ryan, Senior Vice President & Managing Director at Heyman Associates, discusses with Sally Benjamin Young, Vice President, Public Affairs at Lundbeck, how to be a successful communications professional in the pharmaceutical industry.

What experience is necessary in social media?
Bill Heyman, President & CEO of Heyman Associates, discusses with TR Straub, Director at Heyman Associates, what experience is necessary in social media.

Sustainability Communications & Communications Budgets
As companies continue to implement sustainability programs, Heyman Associates decided to explore the importance of sustainability communications.  Four experts, Roberta Bowman, Senior Vice president and Chief Sustainability Officer at Duke Energy, Tom Chizmadia, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs, Public Relations and Sustainability at Lehigh Hanson, Kelly Groehler, Senior Manager, Corporate Public Relations at Best Buy and Daniel Pellegrom, Senior Manager, Sustainability Communications at PepsiCo, offer their ideas about why sustainability is important to a company, how communications can tie sustainability to the business and what they see for the future of sustainability communications.  From them, we learn that sustainability is central to the business, and therefore to communications.
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Today's Use of Social Media
MAY 2011
We asked our panel of communications professionals what the role of social media is in their communications group and how social media is most often integrated into public relations programs.
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Successful Transitions
The first question we posed to our group was whether they believed reluctance exists in the industry to hire someone “outside of the box.”
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Prioritizing Employee Re-Engagement
Much has been discussed about restoring consumer confidence and the role that it plays in making a full economic recovery.  However, as time has shown numerous factors impact economic recovery. In this issue of Positioning, several top communicators address how employee confidence contributes to the success of an organization.  We also look at the need to “re-engage” with this critical audience.
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The Frontlines of Crisis Communications
APRIL 2010
Over the last six months we’ve examined what has changed in the communications industry as a result of the recession, continued boom of new ways to communicate and shift in political leadership.  We’ve heard from industry leaders on the impact the recession has taken on hiring and current perceptions of the corporate public affairs performance of Fortune 500 companies. For the third and final installment of the series, we asked communications professionals their thoughts on navigating crisis communications in today’s environment.
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