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A large part of our success is based on our relationships with candidates in the communications profession. If you are in the field and we haven’t yet met, we would like to get to know you.

All you need to do is submit your resume to us either for a specific search we are handling or for broader consideration. Click here for details on how to submit your resume.

We will review and evaluate your experience for appropriateness with our searches through Heyman Associates, with Taylor Bennett in the UK, or Taylor Bennett Heyman in Asia.

If your background is appropriate for a current search, we will follow up with you to schedule an in-person meeting so that we can learn more about you, your capabilities and experience, and who you are as a person, including short- and long-term career goals in communications. We will discuss the particular opportunity in detail and help determine if the opportunity is possibly right for you and you for the client.

For those with the right potential fit, we carefully support each candidate throughout the process. We take confidentiality and communication very seriously. We know that only one professional is selected for any position, and because of that, we make sure that you are cared for throughout the process. For those who are not selected, we make sure that each candidate understands the decision and we work hard to include you in future searches.

If there is not an immediate fit with one of our searches, we will retain your resume in our database and continue to keep you in mind for future suitable opportunities.

We constantly review our database, and we have placed many professionals whom we first met through a simple resume submission. We take candidates seriously because the right candidate is the reason we succeed.