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Heyman Associates has been featured in a variety of publications. We have compiled a selection of them below.

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Taylor Bennett Heyman now open in Asia and Australasia
MARCH 30, 2015
With the opening of our Melbourne office today, Taylor Bennett Heyman is now able to provide our joined up service across the whole of the Asia-Pacific Region. Taylor Bennett Heyman is the joint venture of Taylor Bennett in EMEA and Heyman Associates in North America. 

Ragan's PR Daily: 10 things companies look for in PR hires
MARCH 17, 2015
By Kevin Allen
If you've sat across from a hiring manager to interview for a PR job recently, you probably know all too well how valuable it would be to know exactly what he or she was thinking. 

CNN Money: What makes a recruiter reject your resume in seconds?
NOVEMBER 2, 2014
By Jeanne Sahadi
When it comes to job hunting, your resume can make or break your chances... very quickly. 

Journal of Public Relations Research: A Test of Excellent Leadership in Public Relations: Key Qualities, Valuable Sources, and Distinctive Leadership Perceptions
JANUARY 3, 2012
By Juan Meng, Bruce K. Berger, Karla K. Gower, and William C. Heyman
To better understand leadership in public relations and explore its value in successful communication management, this article captured the perceptions of mid- and senior-level public relations executives regarding the important qualities and dimensions of excellent leadership in the practice. According to study participants, strategic decision-making capability, problem-solving ability, and communication knowledge and expertise are the three most important qualities of excellent leadership.

PRWeek CareerGuide: “Strong position”
By Chris Daniels
Optimism abounds in the PRjob market. That opportunity for employees, however, presents interesting recruitment and retention challenges for agencies and in-house departments alike.

Polioptics: Episode 35, with guests Chris Lehane and Bill Heyman
NOVEMBER 19, 2011
By Josh King
Let's face it: most young people who graduate college with a great liberal arts education and make their way to Washington D.C., eventually working in the press or communications office of a congressman, senator, or even the President of the United States, are unlikely to be dubbed the Master of Disaster by Time Magazine or find their name on IMDB as the screenwriter of a big time movie starring Rob Lowe. For the rest of us, there’s Bill Heyman.

Platform Magazine: “Big Power Needs Big PR”
OCTOBER 26, 2011
By Emily Diab
Today’s CEOs are under strict watch by consumers, partners and government regulators. Careful scrutiny by an organization’s most important publics can mean pure success or instant failure. These CEOs are responsible for the positive relationship with each of these publics at all times. What’s in a leader?

PRWeek CareerGuide: “On the rebound”
By Chris Daniels
Whether it’s fresh-faced professionals or the most senior-level talent, hiring trends appear to be improving in many industry sectors.

PRWeek: “I left my company on less than ideal terms. What should I say to a prospective employer?”
By Maryanne Rainone 
If you've left an unpleasant job, whether you decided to leave or you were fired, remember to focus on your goals during a job interview and speak tactfully about your former situation. Highlight what you have to offer and never badmouth a previous employer.

PRWeek: “Utilizing Leadership in PR is Essential”
AUGUST 25, 2008
By Bruce Berger and Bill Heyman
Leadership is crucial to the success, reputation, and future of nations, organizations, and professions. Hundreds of studies have explored leadership qualities and proposed theories to explain leadership. However, surprisingly little research has been devoted to leadership in PR.